Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

The problem: Build up of grease deposits from cooking get baked on to the ducting over a period of time. These can create a fire hazard and unsafe working conditions for kitchen staff.

ACS Group Solution: We offer a comprehensive canopy and duct cleaning service that includes the following:

  • System surveying including video/photography using our inspection robots
  • Hygiene readings taken before and after the work is carried out so you can see exactly what we have cleaned.
  • Comprehensive cleaning using our rotary brush system that gets the full length of your ducting. Beware companies offering to clean who do not cover the full system.
  • Replacement of fans and filters to ensure the system is working as efficiently and safely as possible.
  • Full service of extraction equipment to make sure it is operating at its optimum

Our Kitchen Canopy and Duct cleaning service prevents the risk of fire and minimizes risk. We meet and exceed all obligations listed under TR/19 HVCA Guide to Good Practice Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems.

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