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Learn how to setup and run a Digital Fabrication & STEM Learning Studio, from a successful Studio owner already doing it.

If you’re here, you’re likely in search of a way to start your own business. You're looking for something profitable, scalable and fun to own and operate. You may be looking for something you can run hands on yourself. Or you might prefer a business that you can work on - rather than in.

You’re in the right place.

Six Years Ago I was in Your Shoes

Hi there. I'm Matt, owner of TechCreate - a fast growing Digital Fabrication & STEM Learning Studio that I setup in 2015.

I’m not a guru or someone who has seen an idea and decided to copy it. I’m an entrepreneur and studio owner myself.

I’m passionate about teaching others how to open their own studio so they can build a real sustainable business the right way. Learn more about how I’ve built my successful studio.

Find Your Tribe

Whether you’re a ready to start your own studio or prefer to gather more information, I’ve created a community where you can find your tribe, ask questions, and propel your business forward.

About Me.

Originally from the UK, I moved to Ireland in 1999. I have owned and operated multiple businesses including a eCommerce store selling printer cartridges, a hot tub rental company and a digital marketing consultancy.

Since 2015 I have been Managing Director of TechCreate my Digital Fabrication & STEM Learning Studio.